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When you need lawn sprinkler repairs or other lawn sprinkler services including lawn sprinkler installation services or parts or accessories for your lawn sprinkler system in Livonia Michigan, then there is just one company you should trust for all of your lawn sprinkler needs in Livonia, Michigan or anywhere else in southeast Michigan. That company is Metro Automated Sprinklers or online at 248 473-7485 or 734 844-2494

Our company can furnish you with everything you need for your lawn sprinklers system. We do the complete job - from initial design, complete Lawn Sprinkler Installation, regular maintenance, including Spring Start Up, Sprinkler System Repair, and Winterization (Blowout), to parts sales on Call us to find out yourself just how easy you can have an Automatic Sprinkler System installed for your home or business. Go to our main site for additional services.

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